LONGi Solar

LONGI Solar pv panels
Longi Solar Panels, LONGi’s technological and manufacturing leadership in solar wafers, cells and modules underscores our commitment to helping accelerate the clean energy transition. By offering high-quality, reliable products and systems, we provide holistic solutions for the solar and renewables industry.


Backed by advanced technologies, LONGi solar panels feature excellent power ratings and top conversion efficiencies, and can be used across all market segments. LONGi’s field-proven bifacial modules deliver added performance benefits and long-term reliability.


With 15 manufacturing bases and more than 30 branches around the world, LONGi produces monocrystalline silicon wafers, panels and modules, delivering solutions for distributed and ground mount power station systems, promoting the development of the global PV industry and driving energy transformation. The company’s shipments have been among the industry’s highest for a number of years and, in 2020, it became the first manufacturer to ship more than 20GW of modules in a year.


Longi features
      •    Tier 1 listed
      •    Excellent price to quality ratio
      •    PERC Cell Technology
      •    N-type TOPCon Cell Technology
      •    Bificial Power Generation Technology
      •    In stock and immediately available to ship




Short video about Longi Solar and Solar Panels