Ningbo Deye Inverter Technology Co., Ltd, founded in 2007 with registered capital 30 million USD, is one of the China’s high-tech enterprises and a subsidiary of Deye Group. With a plant area over 15,000㎡ and complete production and testing equipment, Deye has become a major player in the global solar inverter market. 


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Ningbo Deye Inverter Technology Co., Ltd is dedicated to providing complete photovoltaic power system solutions, including residential and commercial power plants solutions. Also, Deye offers solar energy  storage system solutions. Among them, PV grid-connected inverter power range from 1.5-110kW, Hybrid inverter 3kW-16kW, and microinverters 300W-2000W.


As a technology-oriented company, Deye has always been committing
to research and develop new cutting-edge technologies to provide efficiency and reliable products. For example, Deye adopts T-type three-level topology and enhanced SVPWM algorithm to further improve the conversion efficiency by 0.7% compared with common SPWM. With frequency droop control technology, Deye string inverter is able to work with diesel generator, which greatly expands the scope of the product application.

DEYE Inverters features

      •    Max. 8 MPP trackers, Max. efficiency up to 98.9%
      •    High DC/AC ratio 1.5 times for more yields
      •    Wide output voltage range 277-520Vac
      •    Zero export application, response speed within 0.5S
      •    T-type three-level topology and enhanced SVPWM
      •    Type II DC / AC SPD, frequency droop control technology
      •    Max. DC input current of 16A/string, adpat to 600W solar panel
      •    String intelligent monitoring (optional), Ani-PID function (Optional)             micro inverter solar inverters




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